Wednesday, June 06, 2007

a new dawn, a new day, a new life

I shouldn't have pinned so much on this one thing. I know that, but I couldn't help it. When I had my first interview, weeks ago, the second the company was mentioned, I felt a jolt of electricity and knew I belonged there. Then I had a second interview, then a third. There were skill tests, references checked, a background check, and a drug screen. You'd think I was going to work for the CIA, not a media company. The whole process, start to finish, took nearly a month.

I got the job.

I'm happy to still be working in media, but even happier to be working in a broader spectrum. New projects, more opportunities to grow, and a company that is just plain cool.

This is such a major breakthrough for me. I have been in serious crisis mode with regards to my career for some time now. One of the two big goals I set for myself this year was to figure things out vocationally (the other is fitness-oriented). My current job is fine, but became a dead end--not to mention the money's pretty lousy. I was at a loss, but started actively looking, anyway. I figured if I didn't find my dream job, I should at least find something higher paying, and chip away at my debt. I'm not one for setting major life goals, but I did it this year.

That's why this feels like such an accomplishment. The new gig has tons of potential and is a good boost money-wise, too. That's all I need to be happy: potential. Hope. I know it's going to be lots of hard work, but the future looks brighter for the first time in over a year.

I gave my notice and everyone at work is really happy for me. I've been receiving congratulations from all around. My friends know what a big deal this is for me, how long I've been searching, waiting, and I'm grateful that they're sharing in my happiness.

Just now, I was saying to Podcast Penny how much I wish somebody told me in October, when I got passed over for an opportunity within my current company, than in eight months time I'd get an awesome new job. Of course, now I kinda wish somebody would tell me how awesome my love life is going to be X months from now, but I have too much else going on to dwell on that. Apart from the new job, I've been riding a recent wave of inspiration and working on art projects, which is one reason I've been writing less. I've also been less of a slacker about nurturing friendships, so things are hopping socially, too.

I feel like I'm entering an exciting new phase of my life. The tears, the frustration, the reluctant patience, all of it has finally given way to something good. The air around me feels full of possibility and I love it. Sometimes I wish things could stay like this indefinitely: on the cusp, at the threshold, brimming with anticipation. Of course that's not possible.

Time to move forward.


MissCurious said...

I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to see how things unfold... it's great to see someone take charge of her life... so often we complain and do nothing about it... you made all of this happen for yourself, and this lil' MC is so proud ;-)

And again, since we live parallel lives, I've reached a point over the last month where I've decided that I too need to find a new job... one where I can chip away at my debt and that more defines me than what I do now... because my job now is a dead end... well, not a dead end, but I don't want to go where it could lead.

You're an inspiration for me to really get my ass moving, so thank you Doll!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing about your success. My job just announced we're either being bought or going bankrupt, so I needed a little inspiration about moving on.

And consider yourself notified: Your love life 6 months from now will be far more fulfilling than it has been of late. Count on it!

CoatMan said...

Excellent! Congratulations! Evidently somebody can spot talent. Well-deserved, no doubt.

NotCarrie said...


Stretch said...

"Of course, now I kinda wish somebody would tell me how awesome my love life is going to be X months from now, but I have too much else going on to dwell on that."

--as you know, these are the times when good things happen in the love department...when you aren't looking. So congrats!

You also wrote that you don't think it is possible to feel this way all the time...but I'm not sure about that. I think it is possible, but only when you get to a point where you no longer depend on outside circumstances to determine how you feel. Whether THAT is possible I do not know.

It is great how you were intentional about setting a goal for yourself and working to achieve it...I am sure you can achieve a whole lot of other things you desire as well.

I have one of my grandfather's quotes hanging in my bedroom: "Happiness depends an awful lot on the right job and the right spouse." Sounds like you might have at least 1 of 2, so good work! ;-)

Dolly said...

Thanks for all the happy, supportive comments, everyone!

Katie said...

Congrats, Polly! I predict that you'll MAKE your life the best ever in 8 months...there's nothing like taking charge and getting un-stuck!

Red Stapler said...


...will we have to swap blogs now? ;)