Friday, March 24, 2006

twist of fate?

Something miraculous has happened.

Or, maybe...

Something spooky and devious has happened.

I checked my email this morning and saw that I had a new online personals message. I momentarily stopped breathing when I saw who it was from:


He wrote,

According to TV Tyler, I'm too "metrosexual" for you.

I replied,

Wow, I didn't realize TV Tyler was now my matchmaker. Does that mean we can't meet for coffee? I mean, it would be nice to know someone else in the neighborhood. I also think we'd have a lot to talk about...

Okay, something is going on here. Either the universe is listening to me and being frighteningly generous or... they found my blog.

Up until last night, Film Felix hadn't looked at my profile in over a week. TV Tyler and I haven't corresponded in a week or seen each other in nearly three weeks. I suppose it's possible that he gave Film Felix the green light-- or even encouraged him to write, just to see how I'd react.

How am I reacting?

I'm freaking out a little.

I mean, I just wrote about Film Felix a couple of days ago wherein I said how impossible it would be to ever meet him. After expressing my utter curiosity about the guy, is it the most stunning coincidence in the world that he wrote to me last night? Or are there other forces at work here? Sneaky, blog-reading, let's-mess-with-Dolly forces?

In what would have been a moment of sheer insanity, I almost sent TV Tyler a did-you-find-the-blog email. Then I took my straight-jacket off and realized that would be the King of All Bad Ideas. Instead, I'm going to do this:

If TV Tyler or Film Felix is reading this, please email and tell me you found the blog. Please don't keep it to yourself for the macabre novelty of seeing what I might write about you. Fucking with my head may provide some entertainment, but isn't it a little too TV teen drama? Besides, TV Tyler, you and I have had some outstanding dates (at least they were in my blog--er, book) so wouldn't it be better not to taint the memory of them? I know that sounds corny, but seriously. And Film Felix, what if you and I meet and really hit it off? Wouldn't it be better to get this pesky blog business out of the way and start clean?

Okay, I hope I don't sound like I'm losing my marbles.

This is so strange. I feel really in synch with the world around me, really tapped in and awake... but also unsteady. What if Film Felix wrote that message when he was drunk, as a joke? What if he has no curiosity about meeting me whatsoever? What if he writes back and says mean things? What if he doesn't write back at all?

And if he does agree to coffee (which I think we may need to modify to drinks, because going into this stone cold sober might be tough), what about TV Tyler? I mean, he's going to know I'm meeting his roommate, so there would be no need for a heads up. Even so, I want to be decent about this whole thing. Should I let our lapsed communication speak for itself and not risk stirring up awkwardness or is a word or two in order? If so, what the hell do I even say?

This is all so... Unprecedented. I have no idea what will happen next, if anything at all.


Stretch said...

Ouch! Hate to say it, but I'm betting they found the blog. Friends don't share friends girlfriends / dating partners like that (I am assuming that TVT and FF have a decent relationship with each other), especially when they are roommates.

srussian said...

Hehe, what funny things the universe throws your way.

Play ball?

Horse said...

Yeah, they found it. They're not going to tell you they found it either. You're going to have to suck it up.

Dolly said...

Stretch, Srussian, and Horse,
Should I at least ask for The Story of How it Was Found? You definitely think the know, huh? Sigh.

Horse said...

Try bringing up how this one girl got ripped off by the VV and how she wrote about it on her blog, and how it was this big scandal.

Horse said...

D'oh! I should have emailed that.

Larissa said...

yeah they found it. I think it's wise for you to stay away from this drama. You're a cool girl, I'd probably find a guy that doesn't play games. Trust me I've gone out with a guy who knew about my blog and it added a whole new dimension of uncomfortableness.

Stretch said...

Well, seeing as they are probably reading these comments as well, I think you just did ask them how they found it. And if they want to be good sports about it, maybe they'll tell you. I mean, as embarrassing as this might be right now, this is the sort of thing people tend to laugh about a little while down the road.

Neil said...

It's really hard to stay anonymous for ever -- I wouldn't go too crazy over it -- at least you live an interesting life...

tadpoled said...

quit trying to catch me riding dirty

StrangerInTheseParts said...

If they don't know about the blog, this is still BAD NEWS. Isn't the simplest explanation that TV Tyler told Film Felix that you're great in bed but don't seem to want a commitment? "Dude, I've had her. It was fun. Take a turn. Enjoy it. Maybe she'll be into you for real."

If you have a secret as large as this blog that you kept from TV Tyler, trust me, he's got a secret as least as large as well.

If TV Tyler does know about the blog, my bet is he knew about long before your last encounter.

Dolly said...

See, I think going out with a guy that already knows about the blog would be kind of liberating. I'm also willing to not write about a guy if they don't feel comfortable about it.

I hope they will be good sports.

Why should TV Tyler have a secret? And why should he have thought I didn't want a commitment? We never talked about it one way or the other.

Lifestyle with BG said...

Just heard about you speaking at the cliff's list seminar. Congratulations!

Mary said...

Here's what you wrote earlier:

"I told him about my five minutes as a pseudo-cyber-celebrity (though I didn't mention the blog specifically)"

All it would take is some googling. I'm also of the opinion that they found your blog.

I don't see what harm could come out of meeting Felix. You could ask him point-blank then, if you wanted to. If you catch even a whiff of game-playing, you could just hightail it out of there. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

StrangerInTheseParts said...

Listen, Maybe TVT is a very nice guy who has decided that HE doesn't want a commitment but thinks FF would be 'good for you'. So he's sending him in to try his luck.

I would find that to be an.... unappealing way to start a relationship. But it's not a rule out. No matter what shennanigens are going on here - if it's a match, it's a match. That's the thing about PUA and games, etc. at the end of the day, a relationship happens between 2 people being real with each other.

As for secrets - my experience is that when you have a strong connection with someone, there is always a parallel dynamic. If you're hiding things, they are hiding things. If you are secretly wishing the relationship would change, they are wishing it would too. The trick is that the hidden part is not always moving in the same direction, i.e. you may want more, they may want out.

LaMa said...

Yep, they found the Blog. Definitely.

Transformer said...

Maybe I'm missing something here, but it doesn't look obvious to me they know about the blog. All 3 of you knew about your personals profile, however. So maybe the 2 of them got to talking and it's kind of like what strangerin... said,

Your story reminded me of several years ago when I answered a womans ad w/no photo, we got to talkng, and it was the best friend of someone I was invilved with for 6 months.

I didn't think twice about asking her out because she was pretty cool and that relationship was seven years before that, but she didn't like that notion.

Dolly said...

Thanks. Still figuring out what I'll discuss.

I don't know that my email would have tipped him off that it was a blog. I said it was "something I wrote anonymously." No matter now, what's done is done.

At this point, we can speculate all we want but I don't have the faintest idea what is going through their heads. I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't TVT's favorite person right this second.

A lovely thought, but they know. My guess is that FF found the blog, maybe via Gawker, and told TVT. The fact that FF emailed me the day after I blogged about how much I wanted to meet him? Way too coincidental. Think Occam's Razor.

Is it crazy of me to think this could all somehow work out?

pookalu said...

oooh, i love the drama. even though half of you all have exposed your "identities" to each other, that's craziness to get called out by someone you blog about...

does anyone read the "this fish" blog? she wrote about finding out through her blog how this guy she was dating was also seeing someone else?

maybe it's rather common....

Horse said...

Dolly: If you ask them if they found your blog, they're just going to play dumb.

I could tell you why, but I'm trying to cut down on the length of my comments--It seems like my ideal form of oral sex is me talking.

Sam Fisher said...

"And why should he have thought I didn't want a commitment? We never talked about it one way or the other."

You do realise you answered your own question don't you?


Horse said...

sam fisher wins the thread!

Ivy said...

Hey- we met last night (a former sometimes Snob writer!). Anyway, in the spirit of fun, I've started my own. Hopefully I'll see you at the next blogger happy hour!

Lifestyle with BG said...

I have a slightly similar problem. If you've been following my blog, you'll have noticed that I picked out 2 people to coach...

Now I have to figure out how to get what's in my head; into theirs.

But I'm not so limited in time, only in which order I do stuff. I'm glad I said slightly similar problem now; else we would have had a big problem.

Silver Blue said...

That is a funny situation. I don’t think you have to worry about it.

You’ll see how it goes next time you get in touch with TvT or FF. If they know about your blog, they will have to hide it extremely well, and you have some chance to find out about it. However, I know that if I was one of them (Mmmm am I?) I would play it dumb. I would not say a word, and tease the hell out of you just for the fun of the game. Ahhaah.

Anyway… you know can always revert back to having a big laugh about it. There is nothing to feel guilty about.

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