Monday, February 06, 2006

Sarging (Friday Night, Part II)

Let's see, where was I? ...

Ah yes, Friday night, Lower East Side bar. Logan is looking at me in surprise because I just recognized him as a pick-up artist.

Pretty Polly squealed.

"I want to go wherever you guys are going," I said.

Logan regarded me for a second. "We're in the middle of a seminar."

"Great! I'll be your wing-woman."

"You wanna be our pivot?"


He considered it.

"I have to think of what to tell the other guys."

I rolled my eyes.

"You're a pick-up artist. Tell them you picked me up."

He agreed to let me come along. I had my coat on faster than you could say "average frustrated chump."

Polly told me to send her a text letting her know where we were going to be. Sure thing.

Outside, I smiled and greeted the cluster of guys waiting for Logan. The other guy heading up the seminar was a tall rocker-looking guy in a Guns 'n' Roses t-shirt (henceforth he will be known as GnR). I think GnR may have been the ringleader; he seemed particularly self-possessed. I was introduced to the group and asked them if they had their inner game going.

"Oh yeah!" Colin, a PUA-in-training answered. I didn't believe him.

Here's the thing. It was really obvious which guys were the trainees and which ones were the real thing. Even though they were good-looking to begin with, the PUAs radiated a charisma and swagger that made them that much more attractive. Then you had someone like Colin, who was just as good-looking, but had an insecure vibe about him that made him less compelling.

Logan and I chatted while the group decided on a new bar.

"Did you read The Game?" he asked.

"That, among other things." I mentioned some of my interactions with the PUA community.

"You're only the second girl to ever catch me out."

Logan was very friendly and touchy-feely and we flirted in a casual, natural way, though I knew we wouldn't hook up. It was more like talking shop.

"You're my one-itis." He said in a faux-wistful way.

"Aw, I bet you say that to all the girls." I laughed.

I recalled what that other PUA said about the importance of creating a vibe. That's what Logan, GnR, and the boys were trying to do, and they had a very positive energy about them (though most of it came from the PUAs themselves).

We stopped into one bar. It was pretty dead. GnR looked around and said, "there's nothing here."

Outside, a trio of girls lingered on the corner.

"Who's going to take that set?" Logan asked.

Colin volunteered.

"Somebody should go with him."

"I'll go," said GnR.

The two went over to the girls and got turned down. GnR skipped down the street, not the least bit fazed.

We ended up at a basement bar packed with people. This was more like it.

Polly and the other girls showed up a little while later. Sarah and Logan were introduced and she said something bitchy to him. Uh-oh, I knew what was coming. True to my suspicions, they were dancing and making out the next time I saw them.

I felt so energized, so outgoing. I smiled at anyone remotely interesting-looking. I walked like I owned the place. I walked like there was no way anything could interfere with the great time I was having (because nothing could!).

There was a crowd at the bar, and I stood behind a girl waiting to get served. I turned around and noticed a tall, lean guy behind me, in a plaid shirt. I have a weakness for really tall men, and sometimes an average-looking guy is hotter to me if he's got lots of height. Anyway, Plaid Shirt and I made eye contact, and while he was behind me, he leaned against me and put a hand on my waist. I went with it and tilted my head back to give him a tiny smile.

"I'm talking to this other girl here, and I don't want her to see, but would you let me buy you a drink?"

"Sure. It'll be our secret."

We switched places and he got me a cocktail. Lovely.

I went back to check on the girls, and they seemed to be having a good time (well, Sarah certainly did!). Polly said some creepy guy was talking to her.

"There he is!" She pointed to Plaid Shirt.

I laughed. Polly must have been the girl he was talking about.

In a strange and somewhat unwise move, I ended up dancing with Plaid Shirt and briefly making out with him. He was not a good kisser and he kind of smelled, so I quickly disengaged.

Later on, back at the bar, I saw GnR who was picking up a cute, petite blonde girl. I stood next to her and GnR exchanged conspiratorial smiles over her head. A Smiths song came on and Blonde Girl and I happily sang along,

Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking when I said I'd like to smash every tooth in your head.

We laughed and I said, "I've been on a Smiths kick lately."

"Who doesn't love the The Smiths?" She asked.

"I can't even imagine." I gave them another smile and left, ready to work the room some more.

Something that became clear to me is that when you're switched on, you need to be switched on for everyone, even the people you aren't interested in. This way, the positive flow of energy doesn't get interrupted. Besides, isn't it better to get turned down by a sad smile and a shake of the head instead of a frown and bitchy comment?

I sat on a barstool, surrounded by a group of men I wasn't into, but I talked to them for a few minutes. I wasn't leading them on, I was just being nice. It was time to see who else was around, though. A couple of hipsters straight of of Williamsburg hit on me, but I wasn't interested. One of them was wearing a handkerchief around his neck. Oy. Also, if I'm dancing with my back turned to you the entire time? That's not an invitation to start grinding with me.

Anyway, I ended up talking to a hot black man; let's call him Seal. Seal was a sweetheart, but a bit too insecure for my tastes. He kept saying how he probably wasn't my type and seemed miffed when I left for a moment to say good-bye to GnR.

I told GnR, "Tell Logan to email me. I want to go out with you guys again, you have such a good energy!" He smiled and nodded.

Seal apparently thought what I said to GnR was, "I think you are the tastiest thing since peanut butter and chocolate together and want to bear your tall, spikey-haired children!"


Even so, Seal and I had a good time talking about movies and we ended up making out on a couch until 4:00am. He wanted me to go home with him, but I wanted to go home solo. I did give him my email address ("I hate the phone") but he didn't believe that I'd want to see him again. There's just no pleasing some guys.

The house lights came on and I waited while Seal got his coat. While I stood there, I spotted a cute guy by the entrance (I was a bit tipsy at this point, so I barely remember what he looked like other than he was a cutie). I smiled at him and he smiled back and nodded.

Outside, Seal went to hail me a taxi and I waited about ten feet away. Cutie approached me and we surreptitiously murmured something to each other. I fumbled in my purse and said, "I'm trying to give you my card." He said yes, he'd like my card, and I slipped it to him just as Seal caught me a taxi.

During the ride home, my head was swimming with everything that happened that night. To sum up:

Number of guys kissed: 6

Number of numbers/emails given out: 3 (though one was to Logan, so it doesn't really count)

Number of guys who propositioned me: 2

It was quite an evening.

Logan emailed me the next day and promised we'd go sarging again. We better!

This morning, there was a voice mail waiting for me when I got to work. Saturday, 4:15am. It was from Cutie. He said he had wanted to talk to me. He left me his number.


BG said...

Tell me, does GnR look anything like the guy on ??

It sounds like you met Mystery, or at least ran into a Mystery Method seminar.


Dolly said...


I don't remember GnR's name, but it wasn't Mystery, because Logan was talking about how he's going to meet Mystery soon. That would have been an interesting twist to the story, no?

Mary said...

This is really inspiring me to be more confident when I'm out. Seriously, I have to project that inner game even when I'm not involved with someone because that's what guys pick up on. I'm really enjoying this blog!

Anonymous said...

GnR isn't Mystery, although he is about the right height. :)

~~Affection ("Logan")

The Asian Playboy said...

No, wouldn't have been.

Mystery's more than just tall. He's FREAKISHLY ENHANCED tall. You'll know when you see him. And the fact that he'll be doing magic tricks will probably be giving give away as well.

Probably some of the NYCLair guys. Although there's been some political infighting lately and the lair's been split in two in a civil war.

Larissa said...

love this life you lead! all i can say is daaaaayyyyymn!

Dolly said...

Mary, it's all about the inner game. If you don't radiate that confidence, you won't have as many men wanting to approach you. I mean, who is more appealing to most men, the girl sulking in the corner or the girl laughing in the middle of a crowd?

AP, I have no idea what the politics of the NYC lairs are or who these guys were affiliated. I'm not that involved in the scene, but they were cool to hang out with.

Larissa, sometimes it's a bit surreal for me, too.

"Polly" said...

Sooooo much fun. Love it!

Sarah said...

Holy. Lord.

Kissing six guys!! One night!! This site makes for some very entertaining reading for those of us with tamer dispositions. :)

Damn It Anyway said...

6??? Crap that more than I've kissed in a year. You should be the one writing a book you know.

Dolly said...

It's not just a tamer disposition that makes for your current lack of kissing six boys in one night, it's your boyfriend. Believe me, I'd trade all six (and others!) in for the right one.

I'm thinking of writing a book. I need more field experience first (I know you're probably thinking, "no really, she doesn't", but I do).

The Asian Playboy said...

What's with this current fascination amongst bloggers in getting a book deal?

Clublife got one, Mimi in NY wants one, and now Dolly? Shoot, sometimes I have the literary gift and can write something scintillating, but most of the time I'm just plugging and chugging, a hard working player squirrel just trying to get his nut on.

Besides, writing a book doesn't get me paid AND laid ;-)

Dolly said...

Let me get this straight, AP. You wouldn't entertain the idea of getting paid to write about something that you already write about for free? Besides, I think many of us have already proven that we can lead rich social lives as well as find time to chronicle them.

BG said...

Hey Dolly, you should check this out:

HAHA. You made it into a field report! :D

The Asian Playboy said...


BradP is a leader in pioneering threesome pick up technology.

Dolly said...

BG and AP,

Wow! I didn't realize the PUA scene was that close-knit!

Wait, let me give you the best PUA friends test: do all of you use the same shampoo??

The Asian Playboy said...

Ah, sweetie, that's SOOOO 2004. This is 2006. The current pick up fad is DIRECT and NATURAL game.

Anonymous said...

It's spooky and cool to hear the same evening from two points of view. Very spooky, and very cool.

Dare said...

Nice blog!

You were linked on one of the SF lairs :) You're getting pretty famous! Maybe you'll be appearing on The View with Style soon ;)

Dolly said...

AP, I've been doing the direct and natural game my whole life. ;)

Anonymous, spooky and cool are good words for it! But better I make it into a field report as a pivot than a pull, right? :)

Dare, a girl can always dream, right? Thanks for the link!

Sarah said...

I didn't mean to be offensive in the "tamer disposition" comment earlier in this thread. I'm somewhat shy and if I was the most single person in the world I wouldn't be kissing six boys in one night. ;) I just meant that I think it's awesome you're having fun and that I enjoy reading about it, nothing more.

Dolly said...

No offense taken, Sarah! I realize I'm a bit more of a smooching slut than most. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty accurate account of the evening. I can verify, as I am "Colin".

Dolly said...

Colin! Haha, it seems like everyone from Saturday night is finding their way to this blog! Was it Brad or Affection that led you here?

I hope you're not offended by anything I said about you in my post. You have it in you to be a mega-hottie-PUA. You just seemed to have a bit of a shy streak (unless you were merely bored talking to me). I would have liked to talk to you more about your experiences in the field! Did you have a good time on Saturday?

Anonymous said...

No offense taken at all; I'm glad you tell it like it is.

I can be shy at times, it certainly wasn't you. Typically, I'm pretty outgoing, but I think we (myself and the other students) were simultaneously trying to learn the right things and unlearn the wrong things.

I had a very good time, I can't speak more highly of Brad and his assistant. It's like anything else, you know- the more you learn, the more you learn how much more there is to know, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed by it all.

I am happy to talk about about my experiences, both good and bad.

Dolly said...

I can definitely understand how overwhelming it can be.

Hey, can you shoot me an email to my yahoo account? There's something I want to ask you.

(cocks and dolls at yahoo dot com)

Anonymous said...

Man, everyone always thinks I'm mystery. Did I pull a rabbit out of your vagina? No! My name is Brad P. I run the Underground Dating Seminar Dolly you gots game. Keep doing what you're doing and you're going to have a distinct advantage over all the other women in the dating scene.

Dolly said...

Well if it isn't my favorite tall, spikey-haired, GnR-tee-wearing, PUA hottie! I always imagined Mystery as freakier-looking, so I didn't think you were him for a second. Really enjoyed your FR and the part about being your cheerleader cracked me up. All I need now is the uniform...

Psyneh said...

Hey Dolly, appriciate you compliment.. :) keep reading my blog for more good posts!

Love Psyneh

Anonymous said...

This girl kissed 6 guys.

Guys, thats why you shouldn't kiss the girl in the club, then she score and you get a night for yourself. Hold her, don't give it to her until she invests enough, then close her properly and get the pussy!

Anonymous said...

"Something that became clear to me is that when you're switched on, you need to be switched on for everyone, even the people you aren't interested in. This way, the positive flow of energy doesn't get interrupted. Besides, isn't it better to get turned down by a sad smile and a shake of the head instead of a frown and bitchy comment?"


Dolly said...

Anonymous 1,
I had a situation where I met a guy, made out with him ten minutes later, and ended up in bed with him that night. Sometimes it comes down to basic attraction and all the strategy in the world won't help. When I meet a guy, I usually decide in the first minute or two whether I would kiss him and there are some nights where I simply don't want to go home with anyone, no matter what. Part of it comes down to the guy's behavior, but part of it is a girl's mood to begin with.

Anonymous said...

play on, playette. glad to know your brush ins with the community haven't been freakishly bad. freakish is ok. bad is ok, just not freakishly bad. lol. its funny cause i remember BradPs field report about this... lol. don't you guys remember the first and second rule of Fight Club?

Vincent Chase said...

Tasty, that night sounds delicious.
There's a whole world outside of this desolate place.
Wisconsin what a place in my heart you hold. My whining aside, it sounds like you had a great night, however, I have a question, out of curiosity, do you think that as a woman knowing that a man is a PUA makes him any less, let me find the word, "dateworthy?"

There I invented a new one.

-Vincent Chase

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dolly! You do know that Style is looking for female counterparts to write a female response to The Game, don't you? Maybe you should contact him ;) Seems you're already known to the guy PUAs out there from your recent encounter. I bet it'd be fun.

Anonymous said...

ok i dont understand you are having a discussion on how to pickup us guys??

hey you just need to be an hb8 and up and we are going to approach you dont need to do any work at all.

Greg said...

Sick FR! I'm on a mission to promote Ethical Pick-up and get PUA's to come out in the open. It helps to see that there are female PUA's as well. Thanks for this!