Sunday, July 02, 2006


This post is coming live from Montreal!

Logan and I started for Canada yesterday, in the early afternoonn. Apart from some heavy traffic when first setting out, it was a smooth drive with pretty views of upstate New York (mountains! horses! sunset!) and lots of Madonna on the stereo. We didn`t reach our hotel until close to 11:00pm, but that didn`t stop us from going out that night.

In a brilliant display of irony, the crowded bar-filled street we chose to explore was Montreal`s answer to Christopher Street; in other words, the gay neighborhood. Still, I had to be a good wingwoman, so I didn`t laugh. Much.

Logan still saw the potential of hitting up a gay club for the straight female patrons, so we ended up at a giant, multi-floored club that had a drag show in progress on the ground level. There was a cover charge to get into certain parts of the club, but we managed to navigate it in such a way that we saw most of the dance floors without getting caught. Stealth clubbing, gotta love it.

It was a beautiful venue replete with luxurious roof deck (containing a jacuzzi and pool) and numerous dance floors. And numerous gay men dancing.

Logan did manage to open one set of young girls, but nothing came of it, so we ventured farther. We asked a couple of attractive gay men to point us in the direction of a straight club.

`Inferno has a mixed crowd,` one recommended (grr, I can`t figure out how to use quotation marks on this keyboard).

We doubled back two blocks and ended up outside the downstairs club. A girl in a fishnets and baby pink corset with fuchsia hair was smoking a cigarette.

`Is this place any good,`asked Logan (double grr, I can`t get to the question mark either).

`It`s very good,` she answered, examining his white t-shirt and jeans, `But you`ll need to take your shirt off or they won`t let you in.` She glanced at my head-to-toe black ensemble. `You`ll be fine to get in.`

Down we went, into a small club painted entirely black, with industrial music playing and tiered stages for dancing and various S&M activity. Turns out we were there for 4Play, the club`s regular fetish night.

It was a tiny bit intimidating at first, with all the pretty, shiny PVC clothing on display and bondage in action. Elaborate rope play was going on in one corner of the stage, and several people were bent over racks in other parts of the room. There was a whole lot of spanking going on.

Logan seemed a bit out of his element, whereas I`ve had some peripheral contact with this scene, so I tried to put him at ease and point out women he should approach. I found one standing by herself and encouraged him to go talk to her.

No fetish night would be complete without an overweight guy in a thong, and this club did not disappoint. In fact, there was also an overweight man in a white wrestling leotard as well. The music was great, but there`s only so much flogging and foot worship a girl can watch (I sat at a small table set up at the foot of the stage for the voyeurs). As much as I support a place like this for people to play and explore parts of their sexuality, last night cemented just how much the fetish scene is not one I could fully inhabit. Still, it was a very cool and respectful crowd and a great venue.

And Logan ended up getting a threesome out of it because of me, so I`m pretty sure he enjoyed himself. Turns out the girl had a boyfriend (dressed in a military uniform; nice!) and wanted all three of them to go back to their place. Logan debated the issue, but I convinced him to go. The girl`s boyfriend was kind enough to offer to `take care of me` but I said no thank you, that I wasn`t available, and had the taxi drop me off at the hotel.

This morning was my first day at the convention. I was sleep-deprived, but excited to be talking that afternoon.

The conference was not what I expected, but I`ll have to go into that more next time. Suffice it to say that I`m really pleased with how my talk went and really glad I made the trip...


coasta said...

more details on the convention please dolls. thank you. :P

The Asian Playboy said...

Pleasure meeting all of ya'll.

Dolly said...

Patience, my dear. Details to come.

It was great to meet you, too! I hope you enjoyed the convention.

NotCarrie said...

Can't wait to hear more about the convention. I couldn't help but laugh about the keyboard difficulties;)

Johnny Soporno said...

I'm sorry we didn't get an opportunity to chat, Dolly - I heard nothing but good things about your session :)

I get down to The City fairly frequently, and I hope to be able to meet you in person and compare notes!


Dolly said...

I was laughing about it, too (it felt like typing drunk!).

Yes, too bad we didn't get to chat. Please email me when you think you'll be in town.

commonpeople said...

The gay club you visited sounds like Sky. I used to go there when I lived in Montreal, and it was the place I first kissed a guy (turned out to be the night I kissed four guys and had a threesome) ;-)

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