Thursday, July 27, 2006


Hey kids,

If anyone out there is looking for adult toys, videos, or other accoutrements, check out this site:


Prices are great, they ship in a plain brown box (return address says "Web Reliance"), and can take care of all your pervy needs. Use the link above or in my sidebar and I get a cut of the deal, so please spread the word!

Product reviews to come!


clarissa said...

did you know that grand opening closed? that was where i used to go shopping (before i discovered how much fun it is to shop in montreal - granted that isn't something one can do frequently)

apparently it turned out that the owner was a bit of a jerk, and let everyone go literally less than a week before christmas, even though she'd known the store was closing much earlier than that. way to respect your empoyees, keeping them on a sinking ship when they could've totally scored good holiday retail jobs. ehg.

i think it has been replaced by good vibrations, though i haven't been in a while. it would be neat if they had the vibe museum that they apparently have in their other locations.

maybe if you come up to (city name omitted) the day before the wedding we can go check it out! i have no idea what is going on in terms of pre wedding fun stuff, though i am hoping to try to organize a dinner for my out of town guests, which i think would be fun since i don't know how much time i will have to socialze at the wedding. if not a pre wedding dinner, maybe a post wedding brunch.

have you ever checked out babes in toyland? they are based in ny, right? i've heard good things about them, but have never gone. is the sex museum even in ny anymore?

Dolly said...

Babes in Toyland is supposed to be great, but I have never spent much time in that store or purchased anything there. And now, Intimate Gifts is going to be my preliminary source of sex toys, etc. so visiting other stores would be more for research purposes than anything else.

I still haven't been to MoSex, but I've heard so many accounts of how 'eh' it is that I'm not that eager to go anymore.

NotCarrie said...

Can't check at work;) Will soon!

freefade3876 said...

wasn't it Einstein who coined: 'anal beads can NEVER be a bad thing.'

Anonymous said...

Love it! Quite a turnaround from your previous "Can't a girl prefer the real thing instead?" attitude.

What made you change your mind?

Dolly said...


Just being more open to new things.

Sir Galahad said...

Awesome blog Dolly. I've always been reading yours until I started my own. Care to exchange links???

Dolly said...

Sir G,
Sure, I'd be happy to swap links. I just added you.

Sir Galahad said...

Thanks Dolly. I'll be reading yours and leave comments from time to time.