Wednesday, October 25, 2006

cold and cold

There is no heat in my room. What was a bearably chilly space has quickly taken on ice box proportions. Dealing with my landlord is as pleasant and productive as you can imagine.

Well at least I've still got my health. Oh, wait a minute, I don't. I'm being taken over by a cold, and just in time for the Halloween weekend festivities.

The suckage continues. What next? Maybe a piano will fall on my head.


Damn It Anyway said...

Want me to call your landlord? i could be your "legal advisor".

clarissa said...

gah! get some feetie pajamas! they will keep you warm and snug

i am very sad that i am missing all the the halloween festivities this year too. the first time in a while i've been excited about it, but stoopid surgery has to get in the way. unless i want to be a drugged out loon for halloween

Anonymous said...

The change from summer to fall and winter is cold and gloomy and depressing enough w/o the annoying things like colds it always seems to bring with it.
Misery has plenty of company it seems.
I hope you feel better by Halloween.
Even that isn't really cheering me up this year.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're too much in your head. As cheesy as it sounds, you ever hear that Indigo Girls song "Closer to Fine"? The chorus is: The less I seek my source, the closer I am to fine.

Trying to figure out the meaning of life is the road to madness. I find when anxiety sets in, it's best to stay in the shallow end of the pool for a while. Like watch silly TV shows, read old comic books, color in a coloring book, or anything to keep your mind occupied with something light.

If nothing else, it'll give your brain a break from the all the heavy lifting.

And like the song goes, the less you try to figure it all out, the better you'll feel.

Also, longing for ideals I've worked up in my own head has caused a lot of mental stress for me. I've had to train myself to put those ideals on the back burner when I'm stressed out and go into "live for today, to hell with tomorrow" mode for a little while.

Anonymous said...

Dolly, what happened to your book and PUA stuff you were working on?

Maybe that's just thing to get you back in your groove!