Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pick-up Artists in the Media (Again)

Here's an article on pick-up artists that's worth a read:

"What Does it Take to Get a Date in this Town?"

Jaimal Yogi's article is informative, fun, and paints a well-rounded (even *gasp* positive) portrait of the seduction community in a city that sounds like an even bigger dating nightmare than New York.

San Francisco magazine was nice enough to contact me before running the piece to fact check my encounter with a couple of the PickUp 101 instructors (hey, actual fact checking; imagine that!). I only wish I wasn't in Europe when Yogi emailed me and could have answered more of his questions before his deadline passed.

Unlike the Village Voice piece, this one is not full of fabrications and doesn't read like it's determined to cast these guys in a bad light. It's well-written and fair. The article is something I'd recommend to anyone interested in possibly learning a few new facets of the PUA world (Some of them are cool! Some of them don't use routines!) and I am flattered and pleased to be quoted in it.

(Thanks again for the link, Coasta!)


Donovan said...

Guess who's in Brooklyn now!


Mary said...

That really is a positive article. I just finished reading "The Game" after reading your blog and it was highly entertaining. What I learned is that it really all boils down to one thing: confidence. I there anything out there for women? I've read about you being a pivot and opening sets with a wing--I'm not sure what works for women. Ever consider writing the female equivalent of Strauss' bible? ;)

P.S. I'm dying to know about your new "business cards"!

Dolly said...

Welcome to NYC!

I'm working on it, I'm working on it... ;)

Ghettobob said...

Very cool article!

"life can be like this all the time"

Thats what we're in it for.

coasta said...

no worries dolls.

women always complain that men don't there should be nothin' wrong with learning how.

Mango said...

Hey Dolly,

First off, congrats on the relationship, from what I've been reading you sound deliriously happy!

After reading the article in San Francisco Magazine I couldn't help but reminisce on our encounter in NYC. It was a pleasure meeting you and your friend at Zanzibar.

PU101 Instructor

P.S. Have a great weekend!

Dolly said...

Yes, I think it's the best piece I've read on the PUA community yet.

Women also complain that men don't "get them", so there's no harm in some guys making strides to understand the fair sex.

I have been meaning to email you and congratulate Lance and the rest of you PickUp101 guys for getting such a nice write-up. It's about time! I hope you visit the east coast again soon.

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