Thursday, June 15, 2006

Why I've been so quiet

Thanks for all the great replies to my request for good and bad pick-up lines. Please keep 'em coming!

Apologies for the lack of substantial posts lately. Apart from my day job, which has been keeping me busier than normal, I've been busy sorting out details for this new business venture I'm going to be a part of as well as trying to plan the trip to Montreal at the end of the month for Cliff's Convention. On top of all that, and trying to maintain a semblance of a social life and spend quality time with BF David (happy two-month anniversary, baby!), I have another personal project to which I've been devoting myself.

I'm working on a book proposal for my agent. This is what I have been giving a lot of my time and energy to lately. I've been working unbelievably hard on this thing, so please bear with me if I haven't replied to emails or have otherwise slipped under the radar. The proposal is going to be done soon and it's going to be all kinds of awesome and then I'll return to more timely posting. Lots of big things are in the works, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of good stories!


coasta said...

Ok. Level with us Dolls.

You've got a new man.
You've got a highflyin' marketing gig.
You've got an agent.
You've got a new business on the go.
You've got a book proposal/deal in the works.
You are commencing your side-career as a public speaker .

So when are you going to tell us about your multimillion dollar real estate portfolio? Or were you just going to keep that juicy bit to yourself?

NotCarrie said...

Haha you need an assistant, Dolly?;)

Man I can't remember any good pick up lines...I'm trying though.

pookalu said...

yeah, i got no pick up lines, or they just didn't work on me, or they were horrible.

except for that show with that guy, which i tried so hard to remember, but couldn't. when i do, i'll get back to you!

your title reminds me of bjork. was that for a reason?

Dustin said...

i think we are all guilty of lack-luster posts as of late. I wonder if they're putting somthin' in our water?

CoatMan said...

Books and business ventures: goodness, it's all go in Dollyland. Best wishes for everything...

CoatMan said...
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