Monday, March 13, 2006

Blogger Happy Hour

After last week's lovely outing with Elle, Snob, and Polly/Kristin, we have decided to organize a proper blogger gathering. We're going to be meeting on Thursday, March 23rd. If you'd like to come, send me an email (cocksanddolls at yahoo) and I'll add you to the evite. It should be fun, if only for the overlapping blog posts that will follow (like Roshomon, but with less crime and more booze-- hey, maybe that could be our catch phrase).

I'm currently home sick and feeling like hell, but I promise I'll write a proper post soon, which will include details of the Lock & Key party on Friday as well as how I seem to be sabotaging things with TV Tyler (or am I?). In the meantime, I'm going to try to eat my first proper meal in nearly 24 hours and watch the rest of Roger Dodger (Campbell Scott as a PUA-gone-horribly-wrong, rar).


CoatMan said...

These multiple entries are confusing enough as it is!

Happy 'blog-buddy meeting!

Rubik said...

I saw that movie. That guy didn't strike me as a PUA. More an AFC bullshitting to his nephew about getting laid every night.

1) He got too hung up on company ink. Find fresh women everywhere.

2) He was a fairly attractive guy. If he were a PUA, why would he have resort to hookers? PAY FOR SEX? Please...

3) Moving in on only the drunkest women to take advantage of them. That strikes me as a desperation AFC move.

PUAs aren't that desperate. And don't have to "sneak a peak" at every little bit of cleavage or whatever. AFCs who aren't getting laid do that.

Larissa said...

feel better, and so glad you guys are doing your own happy hour!

Dolly said...

I actually get a kick out of reading Polly's posts after we go out together, to see how her night varied from mine (because, even if we were at the same place at the same time, our stories often wildly vary).

Actually, I saw this guy as a PUA who gave up on charming women and was so jaded, that he went the extreme other way in pissing them off. I think the way his character is structured, you're supposed to believe that he could get just about any woman he wants, he's just too disillusioned/hardened.

Thank you! I think we're going to get a pretty decent turnout! I still can't believe how many people I have met and will meet through this blog...

Kiggle said...

I rather enjoyed Roger Dodger and hope to see more out of the younger kid, but yeah I wouldn't classify Scott's character as a PUA, he just came off like all the other guys with an asshole personality that is apparently very appealing to a certain type of (often highly attractive) woman. At least in movies.

Anyway Dolly I love you to death but hon these last few weeks are putting a real toll on your blog and your life, I wonder if maybe you shouldn't sign off, at least for a little while, and collect yourself. It's really clear that despite your best efforts this blog and your real life are becoming inseperable, surely you must realize that. Between the village voice thing, and the increasing number of blog-related RL encounters, any seperation that exists is becomming thinner and thinner, and attempts to socialize with men that are in the dark about this site are going to be nothing short of stressful in the near future, but it sounds like that future may allready be here.

Have you considered that, just maybe, the reason things with Tyler and Adam have fallen off a cliff is because you've completely cut them out of this part of your life? A part that, from our perspective (or mine, at the least) seems to go hand-in-hand with your real-life dating socialization. It must be so hard for you to try and keep them apart in your mind, let alone in practice. Hell, maybe Adam knew about the blog, and was too shy to say anything, and that's why he acts so standoffish? Knowing the detail in which his encounters with you would be publicly relating, it could be a horrible feeling for a guy, ESPECIALLY if he REALLY liked you, a lot. You just never know.

You must know by now that from here on out no relationship with any guy will ever seriously get off the ground unless he's known about this aspect of you from the get-go. It's just not realistic to assume otherwise.

It sounds like you and Wesley hit a great note, and him reading the blog is a great start. Don't pre-destinate this one, and see what happens. Maybe the water you need to throw on this burnout you're having isn't being single and staying away from dating, but instead taking it nice and slow and cool and steady with ONE guy. I'm sure you could give me a list a mile long why Wesley is NOT that guy, but, come on dear, is there any guy you've ever met that you COULDN'T give me that list for? Why not see what happens? Maybe a bit of monogomy is just what the doctors ordered. One thing's for sure, staying single does NOT seem like a good answer, because all that will lead to is more INEVITABLE dating, with more guys, which is what caused the burnout in the first place.

A while back you posted a quote from someone's personel page, that went something like "It seems like all you girls out there are looking for a reason to say no to guys, I'm looking for someone who wants to find reasons to say yes." At the time you said you found it refreshing, and wanted to be that girl, wanted to find reasons to say yes. You even called this the 'year of yes.'

Sorry for posting the longest comment ever, but I worry about you! Anyway, just my thoughts based on my observations, and hopefully thats some food for thought :)


pookalu said...

man, part of me would love to attend your meeting, but the other part of me would hate to completely give up my "anonymity!"

hey, and i'm sick too...what's up with this bug that's going around?

Dolly said...

A very thoughtful comment there. I see what you're saying, but I don't want to abandon the blog and I think I can strike a balance between my life and my cyber-life. I don't blog about every single thing that happens to me. As for the relationship thing, it takes two to tango. None of the guys I've dated lately have made boyfriend noises, which is why I continue to meet new ones. But yeah, I'm going to take things slow going forward.

I'm going to suggest name tags with our blogger names, so that we can maintain some anonymity if we want it. Up to you...

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to meeting all of you at the blogger happy hour on Thursday. I keep worrying that, since a bunch of you already hang out, that I'll wander into the bar, not know a soul, get too shy and end up leaving. Promise if you see a lost and slightly stunning woman going up to total strangers thinking they're you guys, that you'll jump in and save me from my embarassing self, ok?

Dolly said...

Betty, don't worry about it! Just look for people wearing name tags-- yes, I am going to kindly insist on name tags, so that we can all spot each other, though everyone will have the option of going by their blog name. It's going to be fun and I'm sure after a drink or six your shyness will dissipate.