Saturday, January 27, 2007

Before I forget

Personal footnote, feel free to disregard.

Last Saturday, I had this problem. After the night out at Cozy Bar, I had dreams about Barman Ben all night. The next day, when I woke up, there was one thing that confused me, that I couldn't recall whether it happened in one of my dreams or the previous night.

Such a little thing, but it happens in my story, at a pivotal point, which is why I thought it only occured subconsciously.

I couldn't remember if he called me "honey."

Trivial, I know, but it was bothering me. I decided it must have been part of my series of dreams, because Ben was friendly, but never that verbally affectionate.

Except tonight, I had to make a note, because it threw me.

Ben, in all his stoicism, called me "honey."

I wish it didn't mean so much to me.


Halstead said...

I wish it didn't mean so much to you either. I mean, feeling as though you are grasping at straws, little signs that someone might be interested in you. Those little sign that (at least I thought) meant so much, but in the back of your head, you know are meaningless throwaway comments. I've been there.


So I guess nothing notable happened? Or was this not "the night".

CoatMan said...

I think that Ben is a very lucky man to have somebody like you hanging on his every word like that.

Dynamic said...

This is one of the sweetest things I've read in a while. Tell me, what is your plan for tonight?



Auntie Mom said...
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Auntie Mom said...

Oh, sweetie, you've got it bad!

Nothing wrong with that. People are such fucking cynics. Have a crush. Have a romance. Be smitten. Sigh a lot. It's okay. It's fun. It's part of the ups and downs. If you treat love like a business, you may succeed, but you'll never really be in the moment like you are right now, and it's beautiful.