Sunday, January 14, 2007

say it ain't so

I discovered something awful about Barman Ben.

It's terrible. Absolutely terrible. Oh, the horror just thinking of it. *shudder*

I have to get ready to meet Willow, so details will have to wait.

Suffice it to say, every last trace of my crush has now been eradicated. I am officially crush-free!



Anonymous said...

What could it be? And you wrote him a story too! Is it true? "No good deed goes unpunished"?

Whatever it is, I'm sure you can easily recover from it. Just don't do anything stupid in the meantime.

NotCarrie said...

Oh no! I can't help but wonder what it is.

Tis said...

I have to hand it to you Dolly, you have me hooked - I love terrible awful secrets. What is it What is it????

coasta said...

Congratulations on being crush free!

Is he a heartless philanderer? Or a cheating spouse? Gay? Axe murderer?...Cause that would definitely be a deal breaker for me.

You and your bloody cliffhangers.

Anonymous said...


Maybe, but If I know "jerk guys" as well as I think I do. It has something to do with the story she gave him. The only thing I can think of (aside from him being a pedo, or a rapist) that would upset Dolly (a seemingly strong girl) would be if he misused or mocked her writings.

I hope I'm not right, and she's just overreacting about something else. I'm not "worldly" by any means, but the whole "twenty year age difference". Like I know anything...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just wanted to add, Dolly D. It can't be so bad, right? I mean, you have people speculating on what might be bothering you, even hours after you've (probably) gone to bed. With that kind of attention on you, there's nothing to fear. You'll never be lonely, and you'll never really be hurt.

Anonymous said...

He's a stripper? Or a porn star? In the mafia? Married? Has an STD? Voted for Bush?

coasta said...


yours are better than mine.

Tis said...

I have to agree with Halstead - I think that what would upset Dolly most is if he did something horrible like made new wallpaper out of her writing in the bar.

OR - he had a girlfriend whom he shared the writing with and she ended up pawning it as her own and beat Dolly to publishing it - that bitch. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

hes gay

there aint no perfect straight guys

Sarah said...

My guess is that he likes some HORRIFIC music. Like boy bands! Or ... I don't know, Seal.

CoatMan said...

He smokes?

He's a religious nut?

He wants/doesn't ever want children (whatever is the opposite of your preference)?

He's married?

He's an ex-con?

He's a communist?

He's a monkey on stilts cunningly disguised as a human?

He likes that band with a "Z" in the name that you find bland?

There is always something simultaneously disappointing and relieving about discovering a deal-breaker in a crush. The sooner the better, I think :-)

Anonymous said...

Did you discover that barman ben is actually a pick up artist? He's been using his skillset to get you to fall in love with him. OMG, I'd be upset too if I we're you. Well that's my 2 cents on this mystery ;)

Transformer said...

He's illiterate?