Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This is how you ask a girl out:

For those who haven't read Polly's last post, it would appear that I made quite an impression on Drama David. He sent her the following email yesterday:


As usual, it was great seeing you on Saturday night. Sorry we didn't get to talk more, but I didn't want to cramp your date's style. Walter was his name, right? How did that all end up going, anyway?

I especially enjoyed meeting your friend, Dolly. She was...well, um...WOW! That's all I can say for the time being. She WOWed me. Otherwise, I'm rendered temporarily speechless. I definitely liked meeting her, though.Hope you had a great Easter yesterday, and are enjoying a terrific day today. More later for you, my dear. ;)

~Drama David

Wow indeed! Polly said I was blushing after she read me the email, but she lies, lies!

Polly wrote a cute reply in which she said she'd be happy if we ended up dating. Which makes the two of us believe that part of his reason for the email was to get her okay before asking me out. Even though they went out months and months ago and it wasn't anything serious, it was really nice of him to check in with Polly that way. This already paints Drama David in a much better light than me, because I took no such courteous measures with TV Tyler before meeting up with Film Felix. I guess karma paid me back for that one.

Anyway, Polly also told him that I was leaving for a big trip next week and that he should call me soon.

He left me a message last night while I was at an industry event. It was one of the most charming voicemails ever. He said he had downloaded some of the songs I recommended to him by my favorite band but needed my help, because he wasn't really getting it, but he was sure it was because he was going about it incorrectly. He also mentioned a couple of days he was free to go over this issue further.

I called him back right away and agreed that we needed to meet to figure out where he was going wrong with my favorite band. He said he was glad I saw the importance of the matter. I declared it an emergency. I also said it looked like our schedules don't synch up this week, because he suggested Wednesday or Friday and while my free days were Tuesday and Thursday.

"I could be free Tuesday," Drama David said.

Hang on a minute, first he downloaded songs I recommended to him, now he was rearranging his schedule in order to go out with me? When was the last time a guy did that?

We agreed on a time, I picked the neighborhood, and David said he'd pick the place and email me details tomorrow.

I asked him to promise me something.

"If you end up finding the blog, please tell me about it. Seriously."

"I will." He then confessed to finding my Amazon wishlist as well as another website related to me which takes a bit of sleuthing to find.

I laughed. "I'm so flattered you took the time to cyber-stalk me!"

[Which reminds me, I better Google him right after I post this.]

Our banter was so natural and energized. It's so easy for me to talk to him. And yes, it's quite possible that I was smiling for the duration of our conversation. Also, having him ask me out immediately put me at ease on the phone straightaway. Hooray for directness!

It would appear that I have a date this evening. It would also appear that I am the tiniest bit nervous about it, because I have already managed to spill coffee on my hair (don't ask).

Drama David is probably going to find this blog any second, or he probably will eventually, and the thought of that doesn't bother me. I think that comes from that comfortable-to-be-totally-myself-around-him feeling that he inspires. Hmm.

I haven't forgotten the red flags and will not turn away from the blinding CAUTION lights flashing. However, it's only fair to put my prejudice of Davids and actors aside and see what happens. Because so far, he is saying and doing all the right things.


Stimulant said...

YAY! Oh I love it when a boy comes along that just reinspires faith that there *are* actually men out there who will make it totally clear that they're into you, and are willing to make the effort to show you. I'm sending you all sorts of *great date* vibes for tonight!

Oh and coffee on your hair? Now that is impressive.

Betty on the Beach said...

They are few and far between but good guy still do exist. Go git 'em Tiger! And I want post date details.

Pretty Polly said...

You were 100% blushing. ;)

Larissa said...

Go for it, and you're right not to worry about the blog. If he finds out, who cares? Maybe just don't describe your hook-ups with as much detail, hehe.

pookalu said...

I love love love good manners. they'll get you practically everywhere.

and for the men that count in your blog, dolly, you've been more than gracious about describing them. so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. and it sounds like he would be able to deal with your past, since it IS your past and NOT your present!

NotCarrie said...

Oh I like him already. And really, if he finds the blog it just shows how intelligent and sleuthful he is, right? Fine qualities in a man, I'd say.

Sarah said...

Aww, he sounds nice. I hope you have a fun evening. :) Hope he doesn't mention how your hair smells like a latte.

sophie n said...

i find myself smiling while reading your post throughout...hope things work out really well!!!

jo said...

i love the way he asked you out on a date. it was playful and different.

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