Monday, April 09, 2007

the date before the date

BT sent me a text last night, asking me what I was up to and inviting me out for dinner. He was in my neighborhood and wanted to see me. I already ate, but wanted to see him, too, so I agreed to meet him for a drink. I showered and made myself cute at lightning speed.

Is this a bad idea? I wondered. Tuesday wasn't all that far away, and I had a long day at work waiting for me the next day, so I couldn't make it a late night (hell, I never make it a late night on Sunday, unless it's a three day weekend). At the same time, I loved the idea of being so spontaneous. I also loved how direct he was about wanting to hang out with me.

Plus, I saw him on Saturday night, too. He sent me a text, letting me know he was working if I wanted to stop by. I ended up staying until the bar closed, chatting with his friends and other customers when he was busy working. It was relaxed and we didn't have much physical contact, but I still felt a connection and discovered more things we had in common.

Back to last night. I sat at the bar with him and ordered a glass of wine. He was very affectionate and laid back, joking with the bartender one minute and telling me I smelled good the next. I was nervous, but the I'm-out-with-a-guy-I-like-and-want-to-kiss kind of nervous.

When we took a break to smoke a cigarette, BT asked why I didn't have a boyfriend.

"I don't know. I had one last year and it was nice. But then I focused on other things. I'm not one of those women that always needs to have a man in my life. And I didn't meet anyone who was a contender."

"Am I a contender?"

I smiled. "Maybe."


"I think you are."

"I think I am, too. Do you want a boyfriend?"

"I'm open to the idea."

"You're open to the idea..." he echoed, nodding.

There was some kissing. BT is tall and strapping and when he hugged me, I didn't feel the cold.

Later on (and I hadn't even finished my first glass of wine, still stone cold sober), we went outside again.

"So you're 'open to the idea' of a boyfriend," he continued.

"I am."

"I think I should be your boyfriend. I think you're awesome, and I'm pretty awesome, too."

"Just like that?"

"Just like that."

I tried to reason that it was fast, we hardly knew each other, etc.

"I know enough," he said.

The crazy thing is, I knew it the first time I met BT. There was something very... inevitable about the whole thing. He's a straight shooter and made me feel comfortable being my complete and utter real self around him. I wasn't looking for a relationship, but all of this felt right, serendipitous, something I needed to follow.

"Okay," I nodded.


"Yes. So what does this mean? We don't see other people?"


"Do we change our status on MySpace?" I asked.

"Of course."

I am still pretty shell-shocked over the whole thing. I did not expect to end up with boyfriend before the end of the weekend, especially not before our first date. It's rather unconventional, but I like it. And I like him. A lot.

Life is nothing if not surprising and I've just been given one hell of a happy surprise...


LaMa said...

Sometimes things just happen this way. I know of some strong relationships which started this way. Good luck!

Jack Roy said...

Wait, what?! You have a MySpace page?!

Writergal said...

Dolly, I'm so happy for you. You deserve a guy who will treat you right! Congrats on getting the guy before the first date. I think that's a record.

MissCurious said...

i'm like all choked-up over here... that's fucking wonderful! what a hot story! he's so smooth!!!

of course, my weekend lead to all the more confusion with addition of more players in the game... ridiculous!

since we're living parallel lives, shall i expect a boyfriend shortly ;-) hahahaha!

Vicious said...

Gah! How can your life be so cool!?

Lady Latte said...

Hurrah!! I'm so happy for you!

The truth is, the best relationships just "happen". Maybe not love at first sight, but you definately know when you meet. It's a good feeling. I want that. Guess I have to wait until I stumble into it.

OMG how cool! YAY for Dolly!

Heidi said...

Yayee!! I'm chuffed for you!! Pass some of that magic this way. Seriously, that is great, you deserve this happiness!

Auntie Mom said...

Awww! How romantic!