Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How YOU doin?

No, I haven't been possessed by the spirit of Joey Tribiani. The above is, word for word, the text message I received from BT early last night.

How am I "doin"? In a word, "crappy", but much of that is due to being sick and having no energy for fun things (or really, much of anything). Somehow, I dragged myself to work yesterday, and even made it to a job interview in the afternoon. Sadly, I'm pretty sure I don't want the job, another bummer.

I called Magazine Mitch yesterday and left him a message postponing our...hanging out (won't be presumptuous enough to think of it as a date). Came home and got that text from BT. I honestly didn't know how to respond. I called Podcast Penny, who made me realize that I didn't want BT and I to get caught up in a long text discussion. I sucked it up and called him. Got his voicemail. Left a message, mustering as much casual charm as I could, joked about being hopped up on cold medication.

He didn't call back, but I was busy jobhunting and passed out so early anyway, so it doesn't matter. Much. Plus, I'm trying to focus more on looking for a new job these days, less on looking for a new man (that will happen in its own time).

Today hasn't been so great, either. After making conclusively sure that I would not be sick on the subway, I crawled into the office again, where I have been steadily assaulted with tasks and have cried at my desk not once, but twice (let's remember that being sick makes me even more of an emotional wuss than I normally am).

The positive thing about illness is that it makes it easy to not care about boys who don't call. The negative thing about illness (other than feeling like poo on a cracker) is that it can trigger self-pity mode. I have to keep reminding myself that my body will regain its strength, this achiness and congestion will go away, and I will return to my former exuberant self. It just sucks to be me right this second.

So yeah, if you ask how I'm "doin" I'd have to say I've been better. And I'm a bit disgruntled with boys.


Matt Savage said...

Your kidding?! "how you doing" has got to be the worst text message ever! How the heck is he supposed to attract you with such a weak line. Do you think it was meant to be funny?

Hmmmm, I don't think I like this BT charachter. I'm sticking with my guns and staying on board the Mitch fan club.


CoatMan said...

Please don't tell me that this fellow used the abbreviation "doin'" without a trailing apostrophe. Really, that alone is ground enough to find him unsuitable.

And poor thing that you are feeling unwell: I wish you a swift recovery to full health.

Incidentally, what's wrong with a text conversation?

clarissa said...

i hope you feel better!

you should reply to BT with something like :

sup dawg
yo g money
fo shizzle

how you doin....GAH. he is from long island? (and before any long islanders reading this get upset, i am in fact from long island) actually, i can't give him a hard time, i think if i ventured into the realm of text messages mine would be pretty bad too.

Dolly said...

I LOVE the fact that BT is using dorky lines on me. I prefer it to someone overly smooth and calculated. Unlike what the PUA gurus preach, I don't like a guy who is overly confident.

Yes, he left out the apostrophe, but we're going to forgive him for the grammatical transgression (one must be lenient via text messages). And there's nothing wrong with texts, I just wanted us to talk on the phone and plan our first date.

He was just goofing around. And I have sent many a silly text myself (I have a particular weakness for the drunken text message). I'm curious why you don't send texts, considering you are pretty into technology and communication.

StrangerInTheseParts said...

Been away for a few days and, as usual, so much is already going on.

In the comments a few posts back you wrote "I need to spend less time in bars...". Wow. I can't second that sentiment enough. It's seems like forever since you posted about meeting/getting interested in ANYONE that you met outside a bar. (Do you have any friends who've had semi-decent relationships with strangers they met in bars?)

Glad to see you are keeping the skepticism up about Mitch. He clearly has nothing to offer you except getting high and easy sex. (Which can be fun! But it's different than finding a parter.)

All that said, BT obviously deserves a shot. I get a decent vibe from him via your posts and details.

Dolly said...

I would love to meet a guy outside a bar setting. Guess what? It doesn't happen. I make a point to fill my calendar with tons of non-alcohol-related activities (I just don't blog about them), but I don't meet guys when I go shopping, to comedy clubs, to my book club, to parks, to museums, to coffee shops or movies. I am open to suggestions as to other places I should try.

StrangerInTheseParts said...

I believe you when you write about actually being shy and only coming out of your shell at certain times. My hunch is you only open the doors when you are in the flow of weekend drinking and friends. Unfortuantely, as the last year has shown, you've got your doors open when only the worst candidates might come in.

All those other acitvities you listed are GREAT places to meet people. But you're going to have to find a way to open the doors of your fun take-chances self while you're at them.

Easier said then done. I know! But you think back on all the guys you met at "healthy" activities and don't feel like you really missed the boat with any of them. I know!

But when the heart is really ripe those people will look different to you.

A little focus and restrain might help you out. Getting this worked up about so many late night bar-guys these last few months is starting to sound counter-productive. It's a little like porn - it's great and all, but if you indulge in it too much, for too long, it really does shut down your energy for healthier outlets.
You loose the ability to see the attractiveness of 'real' 3-D people.

Dolly said...

Or maybe I'll just end up meeting my soul mate in AA.