Sunday, April 15, 2007

The BT Update: What I Know...and What I Don't

I know...

...I didn't expect to hear from BT after Wednesday's "break-up," but when I received text messages from him the following day, they made me smile.

...We still like each other (he calls me 'dollface' and I call him 'sweetie').

...As busy as I was with other things, I found myself missing him.

...We are both trying to put our lives in order, obstacles and uncertainties abound, and the timing for a relationship may not be right for either of us.

...BT is a good man.

...Regardless of anyone who tried to flirt with me at Cozy Bar last night, I was really happy to be in BT's arms at the end of the night.

...BT is going to find this blog very, very soon (there was a little slip-up), which makes me unsure of how much to write just yet.

...I need to stay level-headed, not get overtaken with the pheromones.

...I want to see him again.

I don't know...

...How I feel about all of this.


Raquel said...

It's nice to have those feelings. Enjoy them. Enjoy the butterflies and the smiles when you see those texts. I know I feel the same way when I see a certain someone text me. :-)

Auntie Mom said...

Just go with the flow! After jumping in so quickly, there's nothing wrong with taking it slow and not knowing where you are going with things for a little while.

Orhan Kahn said...

Aw, how beautiful.