Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Dave Report

Remember I mentioned how I meet an inordinate amount of Daves? Here's the list so far (this month alone):

Lawyer Dave - Met him during a bar-hopping adventure over MLK weekend, kissed him in doorways to stay warm against the freezing cold, took him home and talked until the sun came up. Laughed more with him than any man in the past year.

Computer Dave - The one who got off on the right foot by calling me "lovely" in his first email. We have a date later this week, at a fairly fancy restaurant I nearly went to on my last birthday (I never get taken to fancy places on a first date, so this is exciting). So far, from our correspondence, he seems the utmost gentleman and I have a good feeling about him.

Yet-to-be-named-Dave - A new OP guy. Still too soon to see if there will even be a first date.

That's three, three, Daves-as-romantic-prospects in less than a month. What is it about me and that name?? For a while, after too many misfires, I swore off dating all Daves completely. Yes, I realize how silly it is to turn a guy down because of his name (which I did on several occasions) but that's how bad my track record with Daves was. This year, I'm shedding all past grievances and preconceived notions to keep myself open to all possibilities. Good thing, too, because by lifting the ban on Daves, it seems that I've doubled my dating pool.

Later, I'll update on a recent date I had with a man not named Dave (I've been a busy girl...).


Judy said...

Wow! Busy, busy girl! Have fun and I'm looking forward to hearing updates on your adventures with the Daves. (by the way- David is a good name- it's my dad's and my brother's)

Dolly said...

David is a very good name, only it's not the real name of all these boys (they all get pseudonyms here in DollyLand).

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