Thursday, February 09, 2006

Boys are Being Nice to Me... This Does Not Compute

I sent Viggo an I'm-not-feeling-it email yesterday afternoon. Last night, he called me just before 6:00pm. The message was painful to listen to. It seemed like he hadn't read my note, or else why would he call to chat and see when I was free to hang out? On the other hand, he sounded sad, which made me suspect he might have read the email after all, though I was puzzled as to why he'd still call. When I got home, there was an email reply from him. I cringed, expecting him to call me a nasty bitch, or worse. This is what he wrote:

Its cool if you want to hang out as friends. I think you are a fun person and fun to talk to.
I have to go now. Give me a call later if you want to bs or chat.

Aww... Do you see what I mean about him being a nice guy? Can you feel my shame and guilt radiating from the computer?

I can't call or email him back, I just can't. That was supposed to be my "good-bye, maybe I'll see you around" final message. The idea of further contact fills me with dread, terrible as it sounds.

Then there's TV Tyler. I thought we were going to have some trouble fixing up a day for our second date. I gave him Wednesday and Friday as free days, but made a date for Wednesday when I didn't hear back quickly enough. He said Friday might not work because a friend may be visiting that weekend. I said we could always do it next week, no problem. The next day, he wrote and confirmed Friday, saying he wasn't going to be at the mercy of his friend's schedule. Good job putting your foot down, Tyler! Besides, if he's lucky, he'll find out it's so much nicer to be at my mercy...

Then, on Tuesday, I got an email from my favorite up-and-coming PUA, Logan. He asked if I wanted to be a pivot that night, at a party for the Penthouse Pet of the Year. I was happy to oblige. I figured any party that's going to feature a Penthouse Pet is going to draw lots of men to see her. She is only one person and wouldn't be able to talk to all of them at once, so...

The bar was cozy and smaller than the type of place I'd imagine a model would go to celebrate being Pet of the Year. It was actually cool that it was a low-key event, instead the of drooling hordes I thought might be in attendance.

Logan showed up with another pivot, Miss K. She and I bonded right away. I laughingly played my part as one of his babes. Logan was very touchy-feely, put his arms around me and Miss K, and took turns flirting with us. I don't know if people there thought he was The Man or The Gay Best Friend. I danced with Logan, even though nobody else was dancing. He helped create a fun atmosphere in what would have otherwise been a very downtempo setting. (This is why PUAs can be so awesome; they liven things up.)

The Pet of the Year eventually showed up, and she wasn't what I expected. I thought she'd be an Amazonian Pamela Anderson type, with legs up to her neck and a big cloud of bright blonde hair and gleaming teeth and glowing fake tan. The Pet turned out to be a petite, pretty girl with a nice figure but nowhere near as gorgeous as I expected. Still very attractive, though.

I dared Logan to walk up to her and say, "It's hard to recognize you with your clothes on". He didn't accept the dare.

After some more dancing and flirting, Logan finally approached her. They chatted for a few minutes, and it seemed to be going fairly well, despite the fact that he used a ridiculous opener on her involving horses.

I talked to a few guys myself, including a decently-cute one who was there for a friend's going away party. Ultimately, I didn't find him, or anyone else there, enough of a Potential to add to my rotation. Which was fine, because I still enjoyed talking to Miss K and being Logan's arm candy.

Later in the night, I saw Logan talking to the Pet again. It was time for me to go, and I didn't want to interrupt him, so I asked Miss K to say good-bye for me. I went outside and was about to walk up the street when Logan came out.

"You're leaving me?"

I said I needed to make it an early night, he was doing well in there, we'd probably see each other again, etc.

We hugged good-bye and I gave him a friendly kiss on the lips. He didn't let go, so I gave him another friendly kiss. This turned into a friendly kiss with tongue... which turned into a friendly mini-make-out session. This was actually very surprising; I expected it to be a kiss-free evening.

"I just wanted to give you something to blog about," he said.

I laughed. "That is so nice of you!" I said sarcastically. Because lord knows, if it wasn't for Logan, I would have nothing to write about.

"Have a good night." I walked to the subway and at some point realized I was still wearing his black cashmere scarf. Which worked out nicely, because I left my own scarf at the bar. Mmm... cashmere...

So yeah, I smooched another PUA. Chances are, if I spend enough time around a single, attractive guy, sooner or later we're going to end up in a lip-lock. I'm a kissing slut, I can't help it.

Logan ended up dancing with the Pet and getting her email. Not too shabby for a Tuesday night, right?


Dare said...

My god :P I'm starting to think you're not capable of having a boring day ;)

Anonymous said...

It's about time you updated. :p


darius451 said...

Give yourself props for being an excellent pivot...your wing #closed Pet of the Year. Haha, I think Logan owes you alot more than just a kiss on the lips ;).

Dolly said...

The last few weeks have been more eventful than usual, but it ebbs and flows. Right now I'm enjoying the flow.

He email closed the Pet, not #, but it's still pretty good. You're right, I did provide some decent pivot service. You think I should hold onto the cashmere scarf? ;)

freefade3876 said...

g'dam girl, if your lips were a bagel they'd need lox on it. So much for approaching PUA status, i'm retarded.
you are ever quite the lively one, and i think Logan needs to return the favor with TV-Tyler somehow. You totally OWN Logan right now, he needs to respect your highness for her work at the Penthouse throwdown!!

NotMiranda said...

Love that you're a kissing slut!

darius451 said...

Yeah, i think most guys would trade a scarf for the email of the Pet of the Year. Good trade. You should charge hourly rates for your pivot services.

Really though, having a girl pump a guy up about hitting on a girl is a huge plus. You gals always have a way of talking us into sarging, while we usually ignore our buddies suggestions (which consist of "dude, that hot chick was so checking out your package, go hit on her")

Anonymous said...

haha... if you're lucky, maybe I'll give you another kiss sometime, but that scarf is mine!!


Damn It Anyway said...

Hey the fact is:
You are a fun person to hang out with.
Anyone can see that...well anyone with half a brain that is.

Dolly said...

I had a great time with Logan and was happy to help. And I certainly didn't need his help with TV Tyler.

Are you a fellow smooch floozy? There are many of us out there.

Have you seen I have to say, it's a little tempting to make some cash off my services, though I think it would take the fun out of it.

That's one of the best displays of cocky/funny I've seen in a while. And you have it all backwards, my dear. If you're lucky, maybe I'll let you kiss me again.

What a sweet thing to say. I'm even going to hold back the salacious comment I was going to write in favor of, aw, thanks.

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