Monday, February 20, 2006

My Slutty Weekend - Part I (Arty Adam)

Arty Adam invited me over to play video games on Saturday night. There was going to be drinking and I wouldn't even be over his place until after 9:00pm. I figured I'd probably spend the night, but told myself I'd be good and wouldn't sleep with him. No action below the waist if I could help it. I even wore plain black undies instead of the fancy lacy stuff.

I wouldn't normally go over to a guy's apartment for a second date, but this was something we started to plan at the end of our first date and I felt like I could trust Arty Adam. Besides, it took seven or eight hours for us to kiss on our first date, I certainly wasn't expecting him to pounce on me when I walked through his door.

He lives two subway stops away from me, so getting to his place was easy. Arty Adam has one of the tidiest boy apartments I have ever seen. There are plenty of movies and books and CDs and arty things, but everything is in its place without being too fastidious. Guys also tend not to have too many decorative elements to their living spaces, but Adam had a detail here and there (like gorgeous velvet curtains) that gave the place a clean and comfortable feel. I also spotted handcuffs by the bed, which I found very promising.

Adam mixed us a couple of drinks. We ordered chinese food and put in a movie while we ate. Then it was time to play. He mixed us more drinks, turned off the lights and put on this scary game which we took turns playing. It was spooky and tons of fun. Eventually, after hours of the game and drinking, we hit a plateau. Plus, I was starting to get sleepy. It was around 4:00am at this point.

"You're welcome to crash here if you want."

I was hoping he'd say that. "Thank you."

We started fooling around and he noticed how tired I was getting, so we got into bed (I am still fully clothed at this point). We made out for a little while, but I didn't even take my shirt off. I was being so good!

And then I did it. I started thinking about the handcuffs. I thought about how laid back Arty Adam was and absolutely had to know.

"Can I ask you something personal?"

"Sure," he replied.

"It's just that I noticed the handcuffs and I've been really curious about something."

Pause. Was I really going to ask him? Yes. I couldn't take not knowing.

"I was wondering whether you're a dom, a sub, or a switch-hitter."

He kind of chuckled.

"Well..." he measured out his words. "I suppose when it comes to that sort of thing... I'm more..."

The suspense was killing me at this point.

"I'd say I'm more dominant," he finished.

Did I hear correctly?

"Really?" I asked. "Really?" I asked again. I may have asked a third time, in fact. "That's kind of surprising, since you seem so laid back."

"Which are you?"

"Well..." now I understood why it's tough to just blurt it out. "I can be a bit of a switch-hitter if need be, but generally I'm a bit more... submissive."

"And your interest in the handcuffs?"

I wasn't sure what he what he was asking. "What do you mean? I was just pretty direct, so feel free to be the same way."

"Okay... do you want to try them out?"

I laughed, nervously. "Let me think about it."

We made out some more and I thought about it for less than a minute. "Okay."

Off with the shirt, off with the bra, on with the cuffs. Arty Adam had a pair for each side of the bed, which was great, because it's so much more comfortable to be tied up with your arms out rather than above your head.

It was so awesome to be handcuffed after all this time sleeping with vanilla guys. For anyone who hasn't experimented with bondage, you have to try it (I'd recommend going a step further and being blindfolded at the same time, but that's something Arty Adam and I will have to save for another time).

I was still unsure how far I'd go with Adam, but he had me naked in no time, and then he was doing such tantalizing things to my body, I just went with it. Hold on, I need a moment to reflect... ahem, anyway. What was I saying?

Yes, naked, tied up, fun fun fun. The cuffs came off and I was ready to reciprocate. My hand traveled south and oh my god, another big one. I thought I struck penis gold with TV Tyler, but I was shocked to discover how... fortunate Arty Adam was, too.

It was at this point I knew there was no way I'd leave Adam's bed without fucking him. Sorry to be crude, but any woman in my place who saw that cock would have done the same thing. It was beautiful. We didn't actually do the deed until the following morning, and it was over a little fast, but you can bet I'll be back for more.

On my way home from Arty Adam's, I called TV Tyler.

(To be continued...)


Damn It Anyway said...

So how does a guy know if he's got an irresistable cock or not???

One where any woman in that position couldn't resist.

There's a litmus test every guy wants to know if he passes or not.

Dolly said...

I'd have to see it in order to tell you. If you want to remind me next time we hang out...

~*~Georgianna said...

besides length and girth, Muscularity, even tone, and overall character...

Dolly said...

Thank you for trying to put it into words! I rarely care about cock aesthetics, so it's really something when I find one I think is special to look at.

Anonymous said...

It's all relative, damn it anyway. It depends on what a girl has experinced previously- one woman's love truncheon might be another woman's cocktail weenie! Unless you have an exceptionally small penis (which is probably not very common) it doesn't really matter that much- it's all in how you use it. I have been with men with average penis sizes that have more than made up for it with their "between the sheets" skills!

Damn It Anyway said...

You know what?? Maybe I don't want to know...yeah..ignorance is bliss.

Anonymous said...

>Unless you have an
>exceptionally small penis
>(which is probably not
>very common) it doesn't
>really matter that much

Really? Dolly seems to be implying that it does. She's noted it twice now.

I'm beginning to think that size does matter, despite all the PC rhetoric.

Dolly said...

Size isn't always crucial, but more can be better. Less is usually worse. I had a couple of incidents back-to-back with guys that were not very well endowed (I am talking under five inches, not much girth). If a guy is great at other things (oral, etc.), that can make up for it, since there are plenty of women who don't have orgasms through vaginal sex. However, when a guy is good at everything, and has some girth, too (which is way more important than length), I'm not going to lie, it's a bonus. Quite frankly, it's easier to come with a big dick than a small one. Too big can be a problem as well (more than eight/nine inches would probably hurt), but not as much as too tiny.

Bama Girl said...

A big pretty cock is always a pleasant surprise, but definitely not required. I think the only way you can tell if its irresistable is if she tells you so. I always tell a boy if its lovely.

Now, where can I get handcuffs?

Rebel Leader said...

Everything matters and size is among that set. But fellas, the trick to getting a girl to tell her friends (or the entire word, what with blogs and shit) nice things about your cock is not to have a big one. It's getting her so turned on before you put it inside her that the mere sensation of it first brushing up and sliding in makes her come. Tease her with it until she literally begs you to put it in -- and this is a particularly fullfilling request when you're packing something not particularly impressive at first sight.

First rule of sex: She comes first and hopefully multiple times before you do.

BigSend said...

You know, this topic is really the "truth" about cocks and dolls, in the literal sense

Dolly said...

Bama Girl,
Any sex shop will sell handcuffs. You can always start out with scarves or neckties, but there's something I find really sexy about a real pair of handcuffs.

Rebel leader,
That's an important rule all men should know. It's exactly how my experience with Computer Dave went, which is why I wasn't bothered by his slightly-below-average size or the fact that he had some trouble performing. There are many other factors that can make a sexual experience enjoyable.

I did choose the name for this blog for a reason. :)

Anonymous said...

>If a guy is great at
>other things (oral, etc.)

This reminds me of a great scene in the film "Chasing Amy" where one of the guys complains that men never learn how to give great oral sex because women rarely teach them what is truly good, let alone give decent feedback.

As the resident expert on what a woman wants, this topic sounds like it might be right up you alley, Dolly. (err, no pun intended) Just food for thought.

Dolly said...

Thanks for the idea, I may just bring up the topic in a future post!

NotSamantha said...

Size counts for both. Personally, I'm a size queen and I even have a sign on my bedroom door giving the minimum size requirements. Shameless, maybe, but it lets any potential partners know exactly what I'm looking for. 9 inches is my minimum length and I've gone as wide as a soda can and I live up to my title, whip it out! I've got the tape measurer right here!

Dolly said...

I am all with you when it comes to girth, but I'm more flexible (pardon the pun) as far as length goes. Don't you find that too long can be painful? The last time I was with a nine incher, it was fun, but getting my cervix slammed was not. I ended up having to brace myself during parts of our sessions, instead of completely relaxing and going with it. But hey, every woman is built differently.

darius451 said...

Haha, gotta love girls and their size fixations.
YOu know, I've started asking girls before we have sex, what they like in bed. And the response so far has been...big surprise..."I don't know...No guy has ever asked me that before." Sadly, it seems like 95% of guys never care or try enough to please the woman they are with. I am by no means "porn star" endowed, but by asking each woman what she likes, and showing an active interest in achieving tha goal, puts me above the rest. SInce I have been doing this, I am proud to say I have a 100% "satisfaction" rating. Its funny how a little communication can improve everybody's fun. Guys reading this...just ask her what she likes. You'll probably be the first to ask, and make her happier than any 9" cock ever could.