Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Dating Trifecta

Before I delve into last night's field report, which Logan wants me to write because he factors heavily into it, I'd like to discuss a phenomena that happens to me pretty rarely these days.

The Dating Trifecta.

I think, at the height of my dating frenzy, I had up to four dates a week. Three a week wasn't uncommon. These days, I try to keep it down to one or two, because otherwise I start to get people mixed up (on Monday, Viggo even said, "I don't know who you've been talking to" when I mentioned a different martial art to the one he was practicing). With all the blog aliases I give my dates, keeping track of names can also be a bit of a strain (I kept wanting to call Viggo "Viggo" instead of his real name). Plus, marathon dating can become repetitive and draining.

Which is why this week is a bit of an anomaly for me. Even more so, because one of my dates is a second date, with TV Tyler.

I wonder if ladies enjoy doing this kind of juggling. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Right now, I have the stamina for it.

I suppose a true trifecta would involve all three dates being successful, and Monday's night out already proved otherwise. But who knows, tonight might go well, and Friday with Tyler might pan out, too. Would that count as a perfecta? (Have I just opened the door to lewd innuendos involving horse racing?)

Place your bets...


BigSend said...

Same thing happened to me. One girl named Chrissy I renamed to Claire here. Now when I think of her, I think Claire

So now if its someone I don't care much about and won't see again, I'll use the real name. (Afterall, Strauss used real names a lot of times in his book: e.g., Katya, Erik).

For names of girls I may be with, I shorten their names to first 2 letters or something.

or if that doesn't work, something like
HB-Pg (Name's Paige. Shes off my radar so I don't care too much anymore)

For you, I wouldn't call guys HB (Hot babes) lol

HG? nah, sounds ugly. You're creative, come up with something ;)

cynic808 said...

omg ur blogs are hilarious! my best friend and i feel exactly the same as you do, have similar attitudes about men, dating, etc. and i never thought i'd run across another girl that was like this! much props to you and keep blogging! Really enjoy ur adventures . . .

Dare said...

You remind me of Ally McBeal :)

(Watch it if you havn't!)

Larissa said...

good luck with Tyler, he sounds like a good one!

Dolly said...

What I do now is repeat the guy's name a bunch of times in my head as I'm heading out to meet him. So far I haven't made a misstep. As for my own term for HB's, I don't know, I'd rather use "Potentials" or give the guy a nickname right away, to keep it more personal. Call me sentimental... ;)

Thanks for the sweet comment. I'd love to read any blogs you or your friends may keep.

I've seen some episodes of Ally McBeal. I can relate, but I like to think I'm not as whiny and neurotic as Ally. Also, I have bigger boobs.

Really, you think so? He has treated me really well so far, I just have it in the back of my mind that he's got issues and I probably can't get seriously involved with him.

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