Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I'm getting a little frustrated with male behavior right now. I'm glad some guys are being more direct, because my boys are being a little too passive.

First, there is Viggo. When we were arranging for a time to meet, I offered Tuesday or Wednesday as possible free nights. He can't do Fridays and I have a thing on Thursday. He has a class he takes on Tuesdays, but says he sometimes skips his class, if he's working late. Wednesday (tonight) he's meeting clients for dinner, but said he might be able to meet up afterwards.

I appreciate the effort in trying to see me, but I'm afraid it's still a little wishy-washy for me. Why not just decide not to go to the Tuesday class and take me out instead? Trust me, I'm worth it. And does he think I'm going to hang by the phone on Wednesday, waiting to see if we can do an impromptu date? I don't think so. We all have busy schedules, but the point is to set aside time, not try to wedge in a date possibly-maybe-if-another-appointment-doesn't-run-late.

Viggo called last night, but I let it go to voice mail (I didn't want to risk another hour-long phone call; did I mention I hate the phone?). I sent him a text today, letting him know I was busy tonight and offering a couple of days next week that I'm free. If he can't do either one, I may have to cut my losses.

Then there is Computer Dave. I just got an email from him:

Hope you are doing well. I managed to get sick. :( I'm actually going to the Dr. now to see if I can get some antibiotics for my throat. I just hope I didn't get you sick. I can't believe you went out drinking Saturday night. Thats pretty good. Yer a lot younger than me. ;-) Well, I need to figure out a way to get clothes on. Talk to you soon.

Is it me, or is he doing the fade? It's sweet that he's concerned I might have gotten sick, but conspicuously absent from his note is: I had a good time, too. Did he not have a good time? I'm pretty sure he did, unless he gets hard-ons when he's having a bad time.

I think, if he wanted to see me again after he got over being sick, he would have said something, maybe along the lines of:

I'd like to see you again after I get over being sick.

Yet he didn't say that.

Should I even bother writing back to him? Please don't try to give me but-he's-under-the-weather excuses for this guy. If he was keen on me, he would not send me two emails lacking all signs of it, illness or no. Maybe I should gracefully step back and let him do the fade.

I am so glad I have a date tonight to take the edge off.


Larissa said...

yeah i wonder about Computer Dave. he should have mentioned getting together, sick or no sick, he can still type!

Vespertine said...

I tend to give these dudes too much leeway, but I think CDave may still come around. If he really is sick, he probably is not exactly at the top of his game. In fact, he`s probably just laying there wishing that someone would just take his little-toe as penance for whatever it was that he did to deserve this nasty flu.

I`d consider it encouraging that you got a couple of emails.

That being said, how about suggesting a get together yourself? Perhaps something mellow-ish since he`s coming off an illness...say, a movie or a dinner someplace cozy, like your house. :)

Kim said...

i'd just shoot him an email saying, "hope you get better soon! talk to you later" and see what happens from there. ball is in his court, plus you're not a bitch b/c you're expressing concern about his "illness"

Darwin said...

New to your blog but shall put my 2cents worth anyway; don't over-analyse the email, just send back a 'get well soon' and see what happens. No reason to ignore it, not like he was rude...


Dolly said...

Larissa, thanks for sharing in my exasperation. Exactly, he has a sore throat, not sore fingers.

Vespertine, Kim, Darwin, you guys have a point, too. I just sent him a very brief get well soon email. The ball is officially out of my court.

Ellie said...

I think he's doing the fade only b/c I've said something along those lines to another guy before. It wasn't intentional, I just felt something wasn't right (he did too much to please me and it felt fake) and wanted to see if things were worth continuing or not.